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What is an Impregnation Sealer?

Impregnation sealers penetrate deep below the surface of the stone. They coat the edges of the pores or capillaries protecting the stone from the inside out.

How do I apply?

Elements Shield products are best applied by roller, saturated mop, brush or low pressure deck sprayer. Take care to apply an even coating and do not allow to pool on the surface.

Solvent Based or Water Based?

The key difference between solvent based and water based is penetration.  Solvent based sealers penetrate deeper into the stone so are more effective on highly porous surfaces.

Will it stop my patio getting dirty?

Elements Shield products will prevent water and oil from penetrating the surface of the stone and staining. Paving will still require sweeping and rinsing away of surface debris.

How often should I reapply?

It is recommended that Elements Shield products should be reapplied every 3-5 years following pressure washing.

How do I know its working?

Elements Shield do not form a surface coating so are invisible to the naked eye. If applied evenly across the entire surface you should not notice if the sealer is working only that your stone maintains its natural appearance



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