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 'Elements Shield' is a range of high performance impregnation sealers specifically formulated to protect and maintain your garden surfaces. Elements products provide exceptional water and oil resistance whilst allowing the materials to 'breath', this ensures no moisture gets trapped inside or under the surface. The sealers do not form a coating making them 'invisible' to the naked eye and maintaining the natural appearance of the material.

All About Sealers

Traditional stone sealers 'topical sealers' are designed to create a surface coating and create a barrier on the top of the stone. These sealers perform well in preventing stains but can trap moisture within the stone, resulting in efflorescence or sub-florescence forming under the surface and or delamination. Topical sealers wear quickly in high traffic areas resulting in visual surface imperfections and colour change. They are difficult to remove and cannot be reapplied without stripping.

'Element Shield' products penetrate deep below the surface of the material, in essence changing the internal chemistry of the stone. By lining the pores/capillaries of the stone Elements Shield is able to prevent water/oil ingress into the stone while allowing the stone to breath and moisture to escape. This significantly reduces the formation of efflorescence, and maintains an easy clean surface as dirt cannot penetrate within. Element Shield does not produce a surface layer so preserves the natural appearance of the stone and does not wear. Over a long period of time elements shield will lose its bond strength and eventually evaporate out of the stone so no stripping is required. It is recommended that Elements Shield is reapplied every 3-5 years.



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Elements is an EIC Brand.
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